Know Christ, Live Christ, Make Christ Known.


Bible classes meet on Sundays at 9:50am unless otherwise indicated


COLLEGE AND COLLEGE-AGE BIBLE STUDY,                                        Taught by Mike Doering

For anyone out of high school and under the age of 25!

THE STORY, Getting to the Heart of God’s Story”                             Taught by Debbie White

The Bible is God’s story about how He loves and pursues man in order to restore the relationship that was ruined by sin.  This class is an overview of a portion of the Old Testament.  We will cover Genesis – 2 Samuel looking at the Upper Story (God’s purpose in all things) and the Lower Story (people interacting with God).  We will discover that God’s story unfolds in our lives as well as in the lives of the Bible’s characters.

This class is open to anyone, but parents might like to know that each week’s story will be the same story that our entire Sunday School program is studying.

BE WISE AS SERPENTS…”                                                                    Class Leader:  John Ruser

This study is based on Matt 10:16 and a quote from a C. S. Lewis essay.  In Matt 10:16, Jesus tells His disciples to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves as they go into the world preaching the gospel.  The quote from Lewis is:  “None can give to another what one does not possess himself”.  Taken together, these items say that we should be wise to the world we live in so that when necessary, we can pass that information on to succeeding generations.

This study will look at some of the worldly influences that can have a negative effect on both our Christianity and on the world itself.  Topics include New Age/Secular Humanism, the New Atheism, Moral Relativism, Creationism, the history of the establishment of the modern state of Israel, Muslim expansionism and the Crusades and finally Islam.  Additional contributors to this class include Rick Hoenerhoff, Ron Swanson and Dorothy Spencer.


LINGER OVER THE LESSONS                                              Taught by Dr. Dean Hempelmann

“Why hurry over beautiful things?  Why not linger and enjoy them?” (Clara Schumann)  Stop in and say hello to the study of the Word in the Sunday Lessons.  Hear God’s voice; linger in His presence; receive His peace and His power.  His Spirit will teach us ‘What the lesson says,’ ‘What it means,’ and ‘What it means for you.’  All the while holding in your hand a good Lutheran beverage!

THE GIFT OF GIVING                                                                    Taught by Pastor Walt Pohland

The heart that has been given all things in Christ Jesus will want to give in return.  Selfishness belongs to the sinful nature; generosity to the converted nature.  Guided by the Word of God, this class will explore the spiritual gift of gracious giving.